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About P.D. White

I was born in 1948 and I have always been an artist. In 1960 I started painting with oils and I've been painting ever since. In the early seventies I switched to acrylics because they dry faster, but my approach to painting still retains my earlier oil techniques.

My favorite subject has never changed. It has always been fantasy. That is not to say that I've painted nothing else. Earning a BFA requires a good amount of experimentation and I enjoyed it all. Fantasy, however, is my inspiration. It allows me to use my imagination and create my own little worlds.

The mood of my art is fairly mellow with an occasional ironic twist. That mellow state of mind is what I wish to convey. The adventurous yet innocent experience that one gets from fantasy or fairy tales is what I strive for. To convincingly depict this mood, I try to create a three dimensional world that a viewer can step right into. My fantasies have to be real enough to allow for a suspension of disbelief and take the observer, however briefly, into a pleasant mellow place. Like J.R.R. Tolkien, I think that fantasies or fairy tales were originally created for adults as a brief escape from the harsh realities of life.

There is a certain design element to much of my art that comes from childhood travels throughout the Far East. My art differs from Asian art because of my use of dimension or depth. Asian wall art or Asian art created on paper is beautifully intricate in detail yet generally flat and two dimensional.

A brief history of my life includes early travels with my military family, graduation from high school in Taiwan and a long college career. College took a long time because of lack of funds and that led to full time work and part time school. I studied art but doubted there would ever be any financial gain from it because my paintings take so long to create. However, with the advent of digital prints, who knows what can be accomplished. Digitally produced prints are the first reproductions that satisfy my aesthetic requirements. These prints are fantastically true to the originals. I could not ask for more and I hope they will be as pleasing to you as they have been to me.

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