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The exquisite, finely detailed, digital prints that my photographer/printer Nancy Bickerest is producing for me are initially taken with a highend multi-megapixal digital camera. The size of the prints that we are coming up with is determined by quality as well as practicality. The practical side is primarily determined by what size a print will be once it is matted and framed. We want the prints to be a pleasant viewing size without breaking the proverbial bank. The quality of each and every print is an important matter. Although we could print larger prints without any major distortion, the sizes we have picked are truly a visual feast. The sizes listed will be numbered prints and not more than five hundred of each painting will be printed at that size. If you choose to order a larger or smaller size, then the price would rise or drop exponentially and the prints would not be considered part of the numbered editions.

(Note: For larger or smaller prints, please contact us for pricing.)

Printer Information

All of our prints are printed with an Epson Stylus Pro 10000 using Photo Dye Ink. The paper is Hahnemuhle Smooth Fine Art Cotton Rag. It is a thick paper of exceptional art-quality. Our prints are treated with Print Guard UV water resistant lacquer made by Lyson, Inc. Although our prints are treated for UV rays, it is still recommended that a UV glass be used to cover all prints. You may want to consider a non-glare UV protected type glass for easy viewing as well.

Shipping Information

All prints will be rolled up and shipped out in mailing tubes for their protection. When you receive your print, be careful not to crease the paper and also be careful not to soil or stain it. The paper can easily absorb stains even with the fixative spray.

Finally, I am not including mats for the pictures because that should be an individual's choice, along with a proper frame. Although I could make more money if I offered mats, the time involved and the possibility of shipping damage made my decision fairly simple.

Available Standard Print Sizes

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